Eyelash Extensions

Semi permanent lash extensions are a fantastic way of lengthening and creating a fuller looking eyelash without the need for strip lashes and heavy glues.

These lashes can be applied with a natural or dramatic appearance, depending upon how long or curled you’re looking for. As your own lashes shed, the extensions will follow the same pattern. Typically, we shed 4-10 lashes every 2 weeks so top ups every 2-3 weeks are advisable to maintain a flawless look.

As each lash is applied one by one, treatment can take between 90 minutes to 2 hours and is very relaxing. Our highly trained staff are experts at lash extensions and can customise your lashes to look effortlessly fabulous with various colours and lengths to suit you.

To book your appointment for AmazingLash eyelash extensions, just call 01661 824 080 or pop into the clinic for a consultation.


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