At Behind The Scenes, we not only ensure that all of our clients leave looking and feeling refreshed with fabulous skin treatments, we like you to leave with pampered hands and feet too.


Express Manicure

30 minutes of luxury for men and women on the go.

The treatment includes having the nails soaked to soften the skin. Then nails are assessed and prepped for a reshape with an optional polish of your choice.

Perfect to smarten up tired nails or to treat yourself before a special occasion.


Luxury Manicure

Indulge yourself with a luxurious and relaxing 60 minutes of ultimate pampering.

The treatment begins with heated mittens for a truly luxurious feel followed by your nails being soaked and exfoliated. Rich nourishing creams and oils are then applied and a relaxing hand and arm massage then follows.

To finish, nails are shaped and filed and a polish of your choice is applied.


Express Pedicure

An ideal 30 minutes to get your feet looking wonderful.

Beginning with a soaking your feet to soften the skin then we file and buff your nails to perfection, finishing with a polish of your choice.

Perfect for men and women on the go or are looking for a simple treatment to make their feet look fantastic.


Luxury Pedicure

A real treat for your feet with 60 minutes of fabulous pampering

We cleanse and soak your feet to prepare for a deep exfoliation to get your feet looking and feeling soft and smooth. To add a touch of luxury, we apply a moisture rich and nourishing foot mask then place your feet in heated booties. For extra indulgence, we apply a generous amount of moisturiser to further soften your skin and apply a polish of your choice to make your feet look amazing.

Please bring flip flops with you after your pedicure to get the best results.


Bio Sculpture Gel Overlays

These 3 week manicures are fantastic as they offer chip resistant, glossy and natural looking nails and toe nails for much longer than normal nail varnish.

Bio Sculpture is a permanent gel nail colour which is applied over your natural nails then sealed under a UV lamp. No smudges as the gel dries instantly and it’s perfect if you’re going on holiday or for that special occasion when you want your nails looking flawless.

As Bio gel is made with natural extracts, this feeds your nails underneath; leaving strong, flexible and healthy nails when they’re removed.

When the gel is soaked off, your natural nails are left in their original or an improved condition so you can either continue using Bio gel as your usual manicure or return to standard nail varnish.

Speak to one of our therapists to find out more about our fantastic 3 week manicures on 01661 824 080 or pop into the clinic.