Wrinkle Relaxing Injections (Botox®)

What is it?

Botulinium Toxin, otherwise widely known as Botox® is the world’s most popular aesthetic wrinkle and line reducing treatment for men and women.

Laughter lines, crow’s feet or smile lines are all terms we associate with facial lines and wrinkles that we’d all like to smooth away.

Men and women turn to Botox® to freshen their look and restore a more relaxed, youthful and brighter appearance in their face and neck area. Also used to control excessive sweating in the underarms (hyperhidrosis), Botox® is the only proven treatment to help this condition.

This treatment is no longer reserved for celebrities and Hollywood glitterati, Botox® treatments are affordable, safe and a fantastic treatment that no one will ever guess you’ve had. At Behind The Scenes we like to enhance your natural beauty, not create an unrealistic appearance.


How long does the treatment last?

Typically Botox® lasts for up to 4-6 months depending upon your individual skin type and area treated. We recommend top ups for the first few sessions after 4-5 months and after prolonged use, many clients see a visible long lasting effect.


How long does the procedure take?

Botox® sessions can last up to 1 hour which includes a full and in-depth consultation plus a skin review. We like to give all of our client’s time to relax before and after the treatment and we welcome clients to stay and enjoy refreshments before leaving.


What to expect from your treatment

This is a treatment that requires several injections into the skin therefore immediately after the treatment there may be slight bruising to the skin or redness around the area. As our clinic is situated in a discreet location, clients feel confident to walk out without the need for make up or any cover.

Make up or creams can be applied following the treatment however we advise not to massage the skin as you do not want to displace the product for maximum effect.

Botox® is a gradual treatment and it can take between 2-14 days to take full effect. We offer a free check-up in this time to ensure the treatment has worked to the result we looked to achieve.

With any treatment that involves injections, it’s advisable that you leave it at least 2 weeks before any special occasion so that the full results are achieved.


Further advice

As great as Botox® is at smoothing and refining lines and wrinkles for aesthetic medicine, clinical studies have proven that the treatment also helps Migraine and headache sufferers reduce pain and discomfort. Speak to us about alternative uses of Botox® and how it can be used medically.

Tiny needles are used to administer the treatment to reduce discomfort and no anaesthetic is required. A topical anaesthetic can be applied to very sensitive clients however. Our highly trained staff are advanced in the techniques of accurately injecting specific facial muscles to minimise the look of the ‘expressionless face’!

There are limitations to Botox® and as the treatment works best at reducing wrinkles caused by facial muscular activity, the treatment doesn’t improve lines caused by sun damage or simply ageing skin. However we do offer other treatments at the clinic which cater for these skin issues.

If you would like to discuss having Botox® with one of our medically trained staff, please call us on 01661 824 080 to book your free consultation.